My Future Collage


I used images from the internet to tell what my future would be like.

By - Andre Velazquez

I’m Andre Velazquez I’m 14 years old I was born in San Luis Potosi Mexico. I look forward or at least wish to have a good future. I wish to have a good wife that we understand each other and not fighting. I will like to have two or three kids I don’t care if they are girl or boy as long as they are good in health.

I will like to study for some good job that pays well but before I get the job I will go get that job I studied for and with all of that I really hope my family will live really happy. In order for that to happen in my off times I will give all my attention and time to my kid’s wife and all my family like my parents. With them I will try and give them as much as I can and make them happy so I can thank them for helping me get up there in all my goals. Then finally when I’m old and my kids are grown up I will like to go live where I was born San Luis Potosi and also so I can get time with all my family over there like my cousins, nephews, brother, sister, and hopefully my to become a professional soccer player. When my career is over I will like to