Semester One
In this semester i leaned about several different programs that assisted me in creating documents,making videos, and even modifying pictures.I also learned how to insert myself into pictures or even modify the picture itself.

Semester Two
In the second semester we learned how to animate in flash and we learned about 3D objects
in Photoshop,We also used a program named MAYA that assited us to animate a flying plane and UFO. Not only that but we also learned to put our own faces on posters and finally we did a test to find out how much we have learned over the past year.

Eddie Velasquez's Portfolio

I'm Eddie Velasquez Lopez and I'm a gamer that wants to be a lawyer when i grow up. I go to Akins High School and hope to one day graduate and go to college. Hopefully my future has good things upcoming for me.

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Flash Save Photoshop1
Hand Drawn Photoshop2 Photoshop3 Background Photoshop 4
Photoshop 5


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