My Business

1. 2.The Name of my Business is

I used to find a name for my media company

Little Devil

I want to make Little Devil one of the biggest video game designing company, not only designing the video games themselves but also creating the music, story, and graphics for the games.


3. Three websites which gave me ideas


I chose these websites to get ideas for my own since one of these websites was made partuially by my older brother, and the other two are game websites which I used while groeing up and to this day I still believe they are amongst the best and most fun games I've ever played.


4. You can see my Resume by clicking here.
5. The following is the URL of a Bank, Internet Service Provider and a Merchant Account company.
6. I made this website with

8. Call your local courthouse or go on-line and ask them to send you an application for a sole proprietorship business license. Write your name on it and turn it in to me. Post a link to it on your business log.

In Texas we dont need a business licence, we have to meet the certifications and rules about our certain business

9. Fill out the Employer Identification Number application as accurately as possible using data from the IRS web page.

10. Present your web page to the class explaining your financial and motivational goals for the business and the rational for its design. 5 minute presentations.

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