First semester

We have used flash to create backgrounds and animations.

Second semester

we did some new animations and photo edited projects for the end of the year.

my portfolio

I wish to be good at everything I do and make a lot of money. I wish to become a good video game designer and work in a good video game company. I dont want my job to be boring so I guess that I am going to try to make it a little bit more fun.

Click on the little buttons.

link to background page
link to africa BG
link to giraffe
link to Africa ad
link to photoshop 1
link to acid page
link to the photoshop 2 page
the link to the picture of a dude
link to a picture of a black car
link to the crow animation
the link to the fish video
the link to the picture of the web page
the link to photoshop 5
the link to photoshop 6 awesome
figure it out hint:parkour
link to ps51ps18