semester one

I used flash to make super advanced animations. Then I used premire to edit the sound of the videos. I also learned how to hand draw animations. I then used dream weaver to make my portfolio

Semester two
This semester I did lots of hand drawn animations. I also worked on pro animations.

Jordan's Portfolio

Hello I am Jordan Shearer and I do the best that I can do! Working with computers is my skill! I try my best to make sure that every thing is good with my animations and projects.

Click a picture so you can see my awesome projects

animation1 roll over link
link to Photoshop
link to background
link to acid
link to Yeti project
link to eggskirt
link to animation 3
link to youtube page
link to animation four
link to flip drum
link to script
like to pro storyboard page
link to Audio Track
link to pro characters
link to pro background
link to paper book pages
link to animation 5
walker button
link to the second slo
link to double take
lift button
link to floursack
eval button
link to top secret projects


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