Sememster One
During this first semester i learned how to photoshop,edit,make a button,make my own page,and how to edit a humanfigure.Also how to make videos,paste myself in a movie poster, and do a project on the computer using Flash.And also learned how to use many programs to make my own page.

Semester two

This second semester i learned how to animate in flash also in MAYA.Also i made a photoshop version of myself.And made a advertising for a subject plus passed my SLO2.Also made a movie poster using face in the photoshopped poster of the real movie poster.

Leo Rodriguez's portfolio

My name is Leo Rodriguez i am 14 years old and my future job is a tech engineer.

The reason i wanna be a tech engineer is so i can help people with they're computers.

Also i want to make a carrer of being a game designer while a technical engineer.

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