Semester One
I used Flash to learn how to draw and the basic structure of animating. I used photoshop to edit photos, and make the buttons that you used to get to my other pages. I used ACID to learn how to make music by changing how the tracks sound. Then I used Premiere to learn how to put together pictures and music to make a video.

Semester Two

During this semester we gotten more indepth within flash, permire and music making software. We also took multiple tests on Certiport to attempt to get our certification in the Adobe Photoshop Program. During this term we also learned how to create animations within Flash and Interactive 3D Modeling in Maya.

Aedan Richardson's Portfolio

I'm Shelby Aedan Alexander Richardson, but my friends call me Aedan. I am a small time video editor with a specialty in video montoges. what i want to do in the feuture is to go live life alittle bit after i leave collage with my music major.

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