Semester One
This semester I used Flash, dreamweaver, Photoshop, Premiere, and Acid to make and do all the lessons. I have learned to make backgrounds for animation. I have also learned to photoshop many different things.I learned to make music in acid.I have gained lots of knowledge this first semester about these programs.

Semester Two
This semester I learned how to use wet brush in photoshop. I also learned how to do 3D animation and make a space ship. I tested to get a certification for certiporte. I also learned to make a web page with all the links and a photo gallery.

Basil Montemayor's Portfolio

I'm Basil Montemayor and I play volleyball for Akins High School. I have all pre-ap classes and work hard to keep up with my studies and my sports. I hope one day to graduate top of my class with a scholarship and get accepted into The University of Texas.

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