Semester One
i learned about so much about how to turn a simple picture into little buttons. The best thing i thought was cool was puting a picture that you took with a camera and taking images off the internet a put them with your photo. I also thought it was interesting when we took a picture of a man with his head looking foward and then just turn it facing upwards i thought thought that was cool.

Semester Two

I learned how to make a simple object move from one place to another. I also learned how to put an image of yourself on to an actual Movie poster. He tought us how to copy almost any movie poster by using the same but diffrent images of the movie poster.

Cameron's portfolio

my name is cameron i've been playing basketball since i was little. i plan on playin college basketball after highschool. i don't know what i wanna mager in yet but hopefully i will by my senior year.


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