Semester One; I used Flash to learn how to draw and the basics of animating drawings. I used Photoshop to learn the different editing tools and how to edit pictures amazingly. Acid, I used to make music; finding and matching beats that worked well with each other. Using Premiere, I learned to make videos and in using Dreamweaver, I learned how to format and make a webpage.

Semester Two

This semester I learned how to make flash animation and 3D animations. I madea final movie poster and took a certification test for all the skills I learned this year.

Lilliana Hernandez's Portfolio

I am of the female species, and I am five feet and two inches. I love to learn about different cultures and customs, and I webcomics. In the future, I would like to make a living making webcomics. Of course, I would be perfectly content doing web design or computer coding.

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