Semester One
During our First Semester, we refreshed our memory on Flash. We not only learned more about importing audio on Flash, but we learned how to create FLV's and H264's in Premire. We also learned how to transfer hand drawn pictures to our computer to create hand drawn gifs. We've been creating many group animations, however, I worked on my SLO independently as did I in my Kid Flash where I created my own storyboard.

Semester Two
I finished my individual project called, "Box Buddies" where everything that is in the animation was created by me. We also did a lot of animations

My Portfolio

My name is Victoria and I go to Akins. This year is my Junior year and I'm still figuring out what I want do in college. I am taking all Pre-AP/AP classes and I'm active in sports. This year is my year to change and actually get stuff done, e.g. community service.

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