Semster one-In
this first semester we did a ton of learning about all the different programs ,and tools ,and evering single thing you can do with them.It was very interesting learning about all the different things you could do with photoshop and all the other programs.

semster two- we learned how to make 3d objects, we leaned how to earn a certification, we leanred how to make a web page.we leaned how to use even more tools. we made a animation. It was very cool to start leaning the basics of animation and it was also interesting leaning how to make 3d objects.

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i'm Angelo Fortier and i have as much fun as possible cause yolo. I do my best to keep my life at home and at school functioning. I love cake,pizza,games,anime,sprite,cats,explosions that dont kill me or anyone else, and tennis.

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