Semester One

In the first semester, we began with the basics of the Adobe packs (Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc.) As time grew on, we learned more and more about each thing. Our skills increased each class, and now we have tools to grow into the advanced stuff next semester.

Semester Two

This semester we completed our Photoshop lessons. After this, we managed to work on animations, and even attempted to get a Photoshop Certification, which I managed to get. Advanced but simplistic, I learned a lot of things, from technology to outside skills. This was a real fun year, and a worthwhile one.

Isaac Castaneda's Portfolio

Hi, my name is Isaac, and I'm a freshman at Akins High School. I'm simply a tech-loving geek with many passions. I love to program, play games, draw, pretty much anything in the tech circle. If you ever see me, feel free to say hi! (:

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