My Future Collage


I used images from the internet to think about and tell what my future will be like.

I’m Joe Broome and I live in Austin Texas where I chose to live after moving around from Louisiana, Maryland and Hawaii for a short time. I have a great family of which I am very proud including my brothers Mark, Brian, Neal and Brant. They have been very supportive of me and my work especially since I became a teacher twenty-seven years ago. I have taught art for many years and then went back to college to get my Masters in Educational Technology Leadership at George Washington University in Washington DC. Now I teach Animation and Video Game Design here in Austin.

My future is going to be amazing if my past is any indicator. After having spent my life focused on art, music and my girlfriends I have great hopes of creating a Media company which will employ my family and students whenever possible. I have already started one business which depended on donations but I guess I will have to be more practical with this next one and require payment. I want to make a video game which will teach people to be good world citizens as well as preparing them for jobs in their chosen fields. I call the business Safely Limitless and Talent Teacher. My partners will help me decide. The main focus is to improve the world as fast as we can think of ways to do so.