Semester One
All first Semester I learned how to use multiple different software such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Premier, and Flash.

Semester Two
This semester I learned how to make a web page,I learned to make a flash anime, I learned to use Maya to make 3D objects and make them move. I also used Gmetrix and Certiport.

Antonio Aquino's Portfolio

I'm Antonio Aquino, i'm a freshman at Akins high school, that still has trouble finding his classes. In my future i hope to get a career in the music indurstry. wether the situation is low or high, i always keep my head high, by writing rhymes in a my phone or notebook. Honestly, my dream is to be a rapper, i've always enjoyed music, just not that screaming crap.

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Flash Save Acid Photoshop1 Premiere Portfolio


Resources and Warmups Warm Ups 2