Semester One
In the first Semester Mr. Broome ruled the land and showed everybody NO MERCY
Semester Two
But then in the 2nd Semester a new challenger appeared...........
Mr. Striklen. Mr. Stricklen uses his secret weapon he calls "The Red Shift" to match Mr. Broome's unstoppable power. They are still fighting 'til this day and the world for as we know it, is destroyed.

Jacob Garcia's Portfolio

Hi my name is Jacob and I like video games, stuff like the Halo Series, Gears Series, and the Call of Duty Zombies Series, ect. I'm in 12th grade and I'm learning to make video games with Joe Broome or Mr. Broome. I also like to visit youtube and watch video game commentaries or just funny stuff. In the future I plan to go to the National Guard to pay for my college if I wanted to or just start a job in the real world.

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Cage Picture


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