This semester was spent honing my animation, rigging, and 3D modeling skills in programs such as Maya, and Mudbox. I also made use of Acid, Microsoft Word, photoshop, and Dreamweaver. I've actually learned a lot this year!













Blake Barto's Junior Year Portfolio

Hi I'm Blake Barto, I like turtles and long walks on the beach. I hope that one day this portfolio will help me secure a career in the video game or animation industry. I deeply apologize for the "pretty thumbnail" theme that is way too common on portfolios these days, but it was required for class credit so I digress. Interested in what you see?

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or add me on Steam by searching Turtleking1000 and clicking "Rhaine"

My wiggity wack projects

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References and Warmups and Warmups 2 apparently

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