Semester one

I used flash to create a simple bouncing ball animation, and edited it in Premiere. Then I hand drew a 36 frame animation of a ball bouncing and edited it in premiere. Then I drew a popular cartoon character.

Semester two

My Portfolio

My name is Daniel Adame and I am working to be the best music producer and dj of my time. I hope to follow the footsteps of the masters, while also incorporating my own unique style. If I don't become a dj then I will most likely become an animator for a cartoon, or anime.

Click here to see my work.

Link to the Flash animation
Link to the hand drawn animation
Link to the character one page
Link to the acid page
Link to script


Link for flash face page

Link to the original character page

Link to the master's copy

Flash Face

Original Character

This leads you to the double take video
This is a link to the Talking Me animation
Link to the flying me page